Booming Bamboo - Fully Revised Edition cover Discover the boundless potential of bamboo in its updated form! Booming Bamboo returns with a wealth of new insights and inspiration, completely revised by author Pablo van der Lugt. Featuring 30 additional projects and an extra 16 pages of captivating content, this edition delves even deeper into the remarkable versatility and sustainability of bamboo. The (re)discovery of a sustainable
material with endless possibilities
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The (re)discovery of a sustainable material with endless possibilities


When bamboo caught my heart,
I had no idea the journey it would take me on.

This book highlights the extraordinary range of bamboo, from its humble origins to its current status as a versatile, sustainable material. Bamboo’s elegance, efficiency, and renewability make it a celebration of abundance rather than scarcity. It is full of character and individuality, far beyond being a simple wood replacement. As we design for the future, we must integrate tradition and artisanship with technology and engineering, and embrace bamboo’s playfulness.

The fully revised edition of Booming Bamboo captures this progress, showcasing new projects, processing technologies, innovative products, and advancements in reforestation. It offers a comprehensive view of bamboo’s potential to drive a biobased, circular economy. Pablo van der Lugt’s book has inspired many, highlighting bamboo’s pivotal role in a sustainable future.

Elora Hardy
Founder & Creative Director of IBUKU Studio

Table of contents

  1. Transition to a Biobased Economy
  2. Bamboo Basics
  3. Bamboo Uses
  4. Bamboo’s Environmental Sustainability
  5. Bamboo Technology
  6. The Future of Bamboo
  7. Bamboo Applications

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The Author

Architectural engineer dr. ir. Pablo van der Lugt obtained his PhD at Technical University Delft in 2008 for his research about the environmental impact (LCA) of engineered biobased materials.

Since then he has been active in the building industry as senior consultant on the themes sustainability, circularity and biobased building, ever maintaining a connection with the academia through TU Delft.

He is the author of several books on biobased building, including the best-seller Tomorrow’s Timber (2020) also published by MaterialDistrict. He regularly publishes his research findings in popular magazines and scientific journals and conference proceedings (his publication list can be found here).

Van der Lugt is a highly demanded speaker following several formats, ranging from TED and Pecha Kucha talks, to keynote presentations at high-level international conferences, including the International Climate Conferences in Paris (COP 21), Katowice (COP 24) and Glasgow (COP 26).

Publication Information

ISBN: 978-90-831815-9-2
Paperback: 224 pages

Published: May, 2024
Available in: English

Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Jeroen van Oostveen

Booming Bamboo

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